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Information on the New Church

Despite its uncreative name, the New Church is the creative source for the plebeians of Metropolis. The church gains new members every day and has a very fanatical following. Every now and again, the New Church encourages its followers to jump from the ramparts of Metropolis to seek other encampments to convert. Not one of these faithful have ever come back. The Guard allows this activity because resources are limited and the fewer people there are, the better life everyone else can have. Under the same logic, suicide is perfectly legal in the encampment.

This order claims that all well known holy books written before The Invasion had foretold of days where the dead start living and where there is hell on Earth. According to these texts, when this happens, a messiah will appear to the people to lead them, and all sinless people will leave the Earth for a better place. The church preaches that the sinless have left - one must redeem themselves in the eyes of God before they too can leave Earth. The New Church has also compiled many segments from various holy texts that support them in their belief that another messiah will appear within the next couple hundred years to lead more sinless away.

Of late, the tensions between the New Church and The Guard have been growing very strong and show no signs of slowing or stopping.

Many higher-ranked officials in The Guard suspect the church of small acts of terrorism.

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