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Some History

It is the year 2023 by the old Gregorian standards. You were born in 1999, and remember clearly what happened when you were eleven that changed the world.

As you recall it, on April 5th on that year, the United Nations called for an emergency shutdown of the entire internet so that military personnel of every UN participant could have explicit access to communications. Because there had been absolutely no forewarning, rumors reigned supreme. One popular rumor claimed that a terrorist had launched a Nuclear strike against Africa became popular and was covered by many news channels.

Historically, there was a nuke dropped in Africa. The nuke dropped on Africa was America's third ever offensive nuclear strike. Officials ordered the drop in panic, hoping to wipe out zombies of mysterious origin that had somehow started thriving there.

Fleeing citizens who had been bitten by zombies were killed with no questions asked. Still, hundreds managed to escape. Cities in many countries began disappearing in a matter of days. The last news reports claimed that it took two months for the invasion to establish hold in Africa.

It took the new phenomenon less than a week to gain control of most of the civilized world.

The world faced a massive rebound in technology and most governments have since collapsed. Today, there are small, isolated gatherings of survivors that have managed to fortify dead cities and have adapted to the new world.

You live in Metropolis, an dead city whose original name you have forgotten. Metropolis was originally fortified by a radical fighting group of citizens, and has been slowly expanding its borders. The most recent addition was a marina - the first time a city has recaptured an ocean front to your knowledge. There is strife in Metropolis. Every original founder of the city had long since perished with zombie wounds, and three main bodies fight for control.

The New Church, a religion who claims the apocalypse has happened and all non-sinners have gone to heaven, has gained a massive following. The church promises its followers that hard work and redemption in the eyes of God will allow the sinful to follow those who had already transcended. The religion is very popular in Metropolis. You don't know if it exists outside the city walls.

A second group called The Guard has protected the city and refortifies the city daily. Master Obreal controls the The Guard and is now trying to become a leader of the people. You are currently a member of The Guard, because there are many health and monetary benefits for being a member of this organization.

Labeled a terrorist organization, STOP believes that the walking dead are still amongst the living, and can be revived to their normal state. They are known for sneaking in animated dead through secret passages and doing experiments on them. Anyone found to be a member of STOP is either killed or abandoned outside Metropolis (although several people have been falsely accused and disemboweled during witch hunts).

You have 1 choice: