The Thief of Alvera

The streets of Alvera were your home from the time you remember. You lived on the streets, you lived off the streets. The streets give you all you need, not neccessarily in a legal way but it does sustain you.

In short, you're a thief. You do not remember when you became a thief, or what you did before becoming one, but you do vaguely remember how you became a thief.

It was a cold night, you lay on the streets, hungry and cold. Late in the night, when the torches were extinguished and the only light as the one carried by the guard patrol, a fat man walked along the narrow lane you were lying down in. The man stopped in front of you, probably because he had heard you coughing or due to some other sound your body produced in reponse to the cold. He then asked you questions, always in a whisper. You dont remember what he asked or what you replied. But you remember waking up the next day in a warm bed in a bright room.

That was the day you became a thief, one among many inhabiting the bustling city of Alvera. The man, known in criminal circles as Andon, was the leader, of what could be called the Underworld of Alvera, it included everyone from the pettiest pick-pocketer to whores, robbers, cut-throats, footpads and master thieves and forgers. The netherworld of the Miglor continent was unique in that every major city had a criminal guild with a leader, usually a master criminal of advanced years. The respective criminal guilds of each city were linked with one another thus forming a huge Underworld network covering the whole Miglor continent.

Your first assignments were petty, ranging from stealing bread, vegetables and other petty items to picking people's pockets and relieving them of their jewellery and other possesions.

Come to think of it, you realise that Andon did not have any need to derive profit from your petty steals. You realise that it was your training of sorts. A rather dangerous training though.

Galatian Laws are very strict and Alvera being Galatia's capital, it is especially so here. But this training formed the basis of your grooming into a master-thief. You are among Andon's most trusted thieves. Andon estimates your age to be around eighteen or nineteen years and says you are a very gifted thief for your age.

You are fast, nimble and quick-witted. Within your thin, sinewy body lies exceptional strength. Your life is simple and content, you get what you need. You usually spend the night on the streets, but Andon provides you with whatever you need and if the going gets rough, there is always Andon's cellar where you can hide till the trail cools off.

But as of late you have been troubled by a nagging instinct that this isn't the life you were meant for. That you were destined to be more than a thief.

As you muse on the street in the dark night, you notice a small man walk past you, he keeps looking back into the street he came from as if he is being chased by someone. His hands are cupped around a small object. From between the gaps in his finger, you notice a dull blue glow emanating from the object. You deduce that the man is a thief on the run from the guards, but you dont remember this man from the Underworld guild. He might possibly be a new addition to the city's criminals or an independent thief, you think.

Whatever he may be, the small object in his hand catches your fancy. Now you have three options