A Man's Change

Good idea, you think. You sit down at Amy's desk without bothering to dress, and, getting out a pen and a piece of paper, start writing down your experiences today in great detail. Surely when Julian reads it, he will realize it's for real...

You just start to write about calling yourself, when you hear the front door opening. Are Amy's parents home already? you wonder, knowing they both work most of the day. You walk over to the window and peek through the blinds in time to see your best friend Jake's car driving away.

Julian got a ride, you realize as you hear footsteps in the hallway. Having no time to put on clothes, you jump in bed and cover yourself with the blanket. "Come in," you say romantically in response to a knock at the door.

You... no, the other Julian walks in, sees you and smiles. Somehow, the other you looks kind of... nice to look at, and you find your eyes drawn to his muscular arms. "Hey, babe," he says looking you over.

You blush as you realize how you must look to him. You point at the paper, still sitting on the desk, and say flirtatiously, "Hey, Julian, go read that letter."

He steps over to the desk, his eyes still staring at your body, and glances at it. "Right, the game," he says remembering. Without giving the letter a second thought, he moves toward the bed and sits down next to you.

"Now," he says, wrapping an arm around your body, "The first thing I'm going to teach you about being a girl is very important: how to kiss." He pulls you close to him and captures your mouth with his own. As weird as it is, you find yourself enjoying the kiss, but you still manage to pull away.

"I really am a guy, Julian," you insist in that awful sexy voice you'd never believe if you were you. "I don't want to do anything with you. I like girls!"

"Oh, yeah?" he asks, raising an eyebrow. "So you'd like to make out with a girl, is that what you're saying?"

"Uh, yeah," you agree quickly. "I'm not into guys..."

"Hmm," he says with a growing smile. "So, why don't you call Susan over here, and the two of you can get started?" Susan was a friend of Amy's who is a lesbian.

"Uh, I don't think so," you say, not wanting to make out with anyone really.

"I thought so," he says with a smile, leaning in for another kiss.