A Man's Change

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I believe that this is a really interesting, boring, and funny book. I was laughing at loud the whole way through it, except for the boring parts, which weren't very good.
by mrmedith13 on Mar 1, 2012
This story is completely insane. I feel dirtier, simply carrying its memory in me.
by snowinaugust on Nov 22, 2007
The amusing thing about this story, is this was probably considered one of the "shocking" stories at the time when it came out. Now it's sort of tame compared some of the other stories we have on the site. (Unless people are going to make dirtier additions to it)

Anyway I'm pretty sure this concept was based on an old Japanese video game. I guess it achieved its purpose though.
by EndMaster on Mar 20, 2007
good but update it soon it gets boring waiting for storys too end
by tye44 on Mar 19, 2007
I agree with Chubby almost exactly. Finish it.
by apotheosis on Dec 5, 2006
Pretty hot story, if you'd just finish it.

Who HASN'T wanted to become a young school girl, get accosted by a strange man, and star in a porn flick?

by ChubbyTeletubby on Mar 24, 2006
This story doesn't deserve that sharp of criticism. Rape happens.

Is rape worse than murder? Didn't think so. Think of how many murder stories we have.
by jeffisthebest on Jan 21, 2006
by sssweetie on Apr 30, 2005
by Monmay on Sep 25, 2004
Hmm... It's a shame you spoiled your story with rape. It was looking good. Not a very original idea, I must say, but your writing style wasn't too bad. It could have gone somewhere.
by TheKoolAidGuy on Aug 1, 2004
It sucks we can't have post negative ratings or else i would. All I could say is you need to seek mental help...FAST! What is it with you and rape?
by NCPolice55571 on Jul 31, 2004
by KellyDawn on Jul 27, 2004
by fireflynik on Jul 25, 2004
Pretty average so far, but with awesome potential.
by Harlequin on Jul 6, 2004

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