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A Man's Change

You pick up Amy's pink cell phone and carefully dial your number with her small, slender fingers. It starts to ring, and after a few moments it is answered.

"Hello?" you hear your own voice say through the speaker.

"Hi," you say slowly. "Uh, this... this is Amy." For some reason, your voice sounds rather flirty.

"Amy, hi!" your voice responds excitedly. "What's up?

"Julian?" you ask. "Are you really... Julian?" Although the question itself is insane, you involuntarily make it sound a bit sexy.

"Hey, I'll be whoever you want me to be, babe," your voice responds.

What's going on? That can't be you, can it? "Julian," you begin, "Last night, I was you... Julian. This morning I just woke up in my girlfriend's body, and I have no idea what to do! I don't even know how to put on her underwear, for God's sake! I... I was just hoping you were Amy, a- and we could figure this out!" It's useless. Despite the panic you feel, you are unable to bring any sense of urgency into your voice. Instead, your words emerge slow, sexy, and seductive.

It comes as little surprise when Julian responds with, "Ooh, hot game you've cooked up there! I'll right over to help you learn to dress, 'Julian.'"

"No, wait!" you try to say, but he hangs up before you get it out.

Oh, great, now an alternate version of yourself is coming for a romantic morning with you, who have changed into your girlfriend! What to do?!