A Man's Change

You wake from some weird dream about a talking dog, feeling very strange. You open your eyes to see a ceiling that is not your own. Instead of the plain white of your room, you see a pale pink like that of your girlfriend's. Did you sleep over at Amy's place?

You tilt your head from side to side, looking to see if she's beside you, but see no one. Also, you feel a strange cold something coil around your neck as you move. You sit up, causing the blanket to fall.

"Holy..." you hear Amy say as you stare at her naked body. That is, your own. Instead of your muscular chest and your symbol of masculinity, you see large breasts and... the lack of your symbol.

You grasp for the cold thing and realize it's very long hair, the pain you feel when you pull it making you realize it's yours. Then you look at your small hands without any hair, just pretty skin. Swallowing, you touch your breasts, once Amy's and now yours.

You stand up and glance around Amy's room. Seeing a mirror, you walk over to it and cringe. You now know without a doubt that you have somehow transformed into your girlfiend. "Now what?" you ask yourself.