A Man's Change

Yes, you decide. Definitely worth the risk.

The man seats you in the back seat of the car, and takes off. You clutch the seat belt nervously, just waiting for the boss to catch you. But after a few minutes, you finally start to relax. It seems you may actually get away without a scratch. "Um, I'd like to say thanks for doing this for me," you say to the darkness, hoping your rescuer is listening.

"Yeah... Don't mention it, kid," the man answers. "That demented otaku doesn't deserve a chick like you..."

"Uh, I'm a guy, actually," you say, deciding you might as well tell him.

"Oh, yeah?" he says, not believing you. "You have some awfully nice boobs for a guy, if I do say so myself."

You feel your cheeks get red. "No," you explain. "I was turned into a girl by a cursed book. My real name is Julian."

The car abruptly stops, slamming your previously mentioned breasts against the seat belt strap. "What's wrong?" you ask.

"...I'll give you a choice," he says slowly. "You can leave now and take your chances... or you can come with me and experience marvels you've never dreamed of. But if you do come with me, you will NEVER see anyone you love ever again. Decide."

It seems obvious that you should just get out and run as fast as you can... but you can't help but wonder just what these marvels are. Sighing, you choose to:

You have 3 choices: