A Man's Change

"Julian," you say truthfully.

After a pause, the man laughs in delight and releases your chin, "So, the curse was real afterall..."

"Curse?" you ask. Does this man know about your transformation?

"Yes, Julian," he starts to answer, but stops. "You know, you really should have a more delicate, feminine name. From now on, your name is Ai. Say it."

Not wanting to anger him, you obediently say, "My name is Ai."

"Spendid. Now, Ai, there exists several magical items that have been sealed with spells, which curse anyone out of a specific bloodline who tries to access them. You are one such individual."

The book from last night! "Is there anyway I can change back?" you ask him.

"No," he replies coldly, making you weep once more. "Now, now, no need for tears," he says, his voice softening. "I'm sure you will grow to love your body, Ai."

"Who are you? What do you want with me?" you cry.

"You may call me Katsuro," he says firmly. "What I want is a girlfriend I can mold in anyway I choose."

"You... you want to force me to be your girlfriend?!" you scream in disbelief and fear.

"Now, Ai," he says, "I know this will take some getting used to at first..."

"I'm not getting used to anything!" you scream. "Untie me now!" However, you soon find the gag forced back in your mouth.

"I hate to do this to you, Ai," he says very unconvincingly as you scream against your gag. "However, I think you need to understand exactly how helpless you are without my support. Outside of this building, you don't exist. Should you leave me, I will write up a whole new life story for you... Maybe have you arrested for Julian's death! ...However, if you stay here and be my girlfriend, I will keep you fed and healthy for the rest of your life. Now, you think about that." You hear him walk away, and then a door open and shut.

Your anger has entirely faded away into fear and dispair, and tears now drench your face. Forced to be a nutcase's girlfriend! You suddenly hear a door open and close quietly, and wonder what new torture that man has for you.

However, you soon hear a voice you recognize as the man who tied you to the chair, "Don't worry, kiddo, I'll have you out in a second. The boss is a freakin' psycho. I don't care how good the money is..." He quickly unties you and takes off your gag, but stops you from taking off the blindfold. "Can't have you describing me to the cops..."

He begins leading you to his car, and says he'll drop you off at the nearest gas station. You eagerly follow him, but think back to the boss's threat. Likely a bluff, but... Is it really worth the risk?