A Man's Change

You decide to just sit and wait for now. The man soon buckles you in and handcuffs your hands together around the strap, stopping any escape attempt. Scared, you try to imagine that you are safe at home.

Your fantasy is interrupted when the car stops. The man uncuffs you so he can take your seatbelt off, and then lets you out of the car. You wonder if now would be a good time to run away, but another man soon grabs your arm and leads you forward. He leads you to a chair, which he then makes you sit in.

"Now, just relax, honey," he says, with the voice you recognize as the man in the front seat, as he ties you to the chair. "The boss will be here soon enough..."

What do you want with me? you want to ask, but are of course unable to speak. The men begin discussing something rapidly in what sounds like Japanese. You hear someone enter, and the room falls silent. A few foreign words are spoken, and you hear several people leave.

You hear the remaining one approach your chair slowly. "My, my, what a lovely specimen we have here," the man (boss?) says in a patronizing tone. You feel his finger stroke your face, and wipe off the tears that soke your cheeks. "What is your name?"

Doesn't he see that you're gagged? You make a muffled sound, hoping to draw his attention to it. The man gently unties the gag, but then grabs your chin roughly.

"I ask again," he says firmly, "What is your name?"