A Man's Change

"No," you tell him sadly. Despite everything, you cannot risk it. "I think I'll stay here."

He stops walking and says doubtfully, "Are you sure, kid? You'd rather stay with the boss?"

Beginning to cry again, you accept your fate, "Yes, I do."

"Well done, Ai," you hear the boss say close behind you. His cold hand strokes your cheek, making you shiver. "Should you have chosen to leave me, I would have been forced to punish you..."

"It was a trap?" you ask, surprised.

"Of course, my dear," he responds, kissing your nose. "Did you really think I would be so careless?" He then kisses you on the mouth, and, knowing you can't get out of it, you kiss him back. "Hmm," he says, drawing back. "Good girl. Now, you must learn how to properly be my girlfriend. What do you wish to lean first? Appearance, manual labor, or... 'physical activity'?"

Grimacing, you respond: