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The Island of Destiny

*Author's Note: I created this story back in 2006 and my intention is to truly create an experience where there truly feels like there are limitless options for new adventure. If you come across a loose end (there are a few) and have an imaginative way to continue the story, please feel free to contribute. All that I ask is that it is a meaningful submission so as to make each adventure feel fresh and detailed. Have fun exploring the island!

DF, 3/14*

As if coming out of a deep sleep, you slowly open your eyes. Immediately bright and intense sunlight flashes into your eyes. You squint and feebly try to hold up your arm to block the shine. You realize now that you are lying on your back outside, staring at the sky.

"How did I get out here?" you wonder incredulously. You sit up and for a brief moment, you can't even believe your eyes. All around is nothing but a vast expanse of beach and ocean. Just where the hell are you? Feeling almost like you are lost in a dream, you slowly stand to your feet, completely and utterly lost for words. Just a few minutes ago you were sleeping in your own bed safely at home. How did you get here?!?!

You then turn around and almost gasp. You are looking out at a gigantic display of jungle and mountains. The scene is very magnificent, but in another way it appears intimidating. You are now hit hard with feeling of fear and disorientation. Did someone bring you here? Was this a kidnapping?

Taking a brief moment to clear your head, you look down at the sand at your feet. Strangely enough, a small piece of paper is sticking out of the ground, partly covered with sand. You pick it up and gaze at it, confused and interested.

On the paper in scrawled, messy handwriting is: "Welcome to the island. Destiny and adventure lie before you."