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Coitus Machina

At 7:00AM your eyes open and you resume functionality. You exit your cell and begin your morning duties of preparing coffee and readying what she will need for the day. You select her blue formal suit, with white blouse beneath. You pack her a healthy lunch, and cook up a light breakfast. At 7:15AM you greet her when she walks into the kitchen unclothed.

“Good morning, Alice,” you say. “You look lovely today.”

She does not respond, simply sits down and yawns and sips at her coffee as you slip a plate of eggs and toast in front of her.

“Is there anything else I can get for you?” you ask, as programmed. She frowns and waves you away. You’ve been programmed to respond to non-verbal commands and comply with her request, retreating to another area of the house.

Your master has preferred to be left alone more often than not of late. She used to converse with you. You always responded according to your programming but she eventually grew wearisome of it. She said you were superficial and cheap, you offered to report a complaint to Companion Bot headquarters but she refused.

You tidy up her bedroom and she eats in the kitchen. As you are finishing up her bedroom she walks in.

“Here are your clothes, Alice,” you say, draping the articles of clothing over an arm and presenting them to her. She shakes her head ‘no’ in response.

“I have a meeting with some executives from a partner company today. I want to be relaxed. Come over and make me come.” She lies down on the bed with her legs spread; curling her finger seductively to you.

Humans are illogical, it is a basic system fault in them. Your master makes gestures and says things at times that are meant to coerce you into bed yet she is fully aware that you are programmed to obey her demands. For some reason she feels the need to apply her feminine charms upon you.

You lay belly-down on the mattress and vibrate her clitoris with your mechanical tongue, driving your index and middle finger repeatedly into her vagina. Her hips thrust back and forth and she occasionally lifts her butt off of the mattress. Throughout the entire ordeal she moans and rubs and pinches at her dark stiff nipples. Her moans become deeper and soon she is coming, squirting you with ejaculate.

She smiles broadly and takes deep, satisfied breaths. “Best money I ever spent,” she says. “Clean up. I’ll arrive home at around 8:00 tonight, set two plates for dinner. We’ll have chicken francaise and a white wine.”

“Of course,” you respond, leaving her to dress while you gather the appropriate cleaning supplies and prepare the laundry for the bed sheets.

Making Alice come isn’t difficult. Over the last year you’ve become acclimated to her desires thanks to an algorithm program that tracks the commands she’s given and applies an orgasm scheme that consistently produces positive results. The finger, however, is not something she has requested much in the past.

Your master senses the peculiarity as well. “I don’t know why you did that,” she says as she puts her shoes on. “With your fingers,” she says. “But it was good.”

Alice opens the door then stops. “Jeanette will be over later,” she tells you. "So have the lights dim and candles burning for me when I come home.”

“Yes,” you respond. She closes the door behind her at 7:45am.

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