Booty Call

Jake walks over to a hot asian girl who siting on the stool.

"Yo, baby i saw you checking me out. whats sup?" said Jake

"Yeah right, you were checking me out." said the asian girl

"Its all gooooood. You look so fine over there i have to talk to you. Lets me buy you a drink baby. what are you drinking?" said Jake

"Get me a Stoli Cranberry" said the asian girl

Jake calls the batenter and orders the drink.

"Stoli Cranberry and Jack and Coke." said Jake

Jake takes the drinks and give the drink to asian girl then she chugs down her Stoli Cranberry drink.

"I got something special which it really good to get the party started it." said the asian girl

"What you got." said Jake

"X, its make me so fucking horny." said the asian girl

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