Booty Call

Jake get ready to hit the bar in town. He grab his money,some X, and Joint

He walk to his mirror and fix his hair. Then he walk to his car and hop on to pick up his homie Rich and Billy.

Jake and his fools arrived to the bar and walks up to the Bouncer

"Damn there a bouncer guy. How the fuck are we going to get in" Said your friend Rich

"Name please?" said Bouncer

"I'm Jake" said Jake

The bouncer flips through his paper and checks for Jake

"There no Jake on the list" said Bouncer

"Yo man I swear I'm on the list. Come on man stop being a dickhead" Jake shout at jhim

"Alright, I'll let you go this time" said the Bouncer

Jake and his friend headed inside the bar

"Yo, check out the hunnies." said Jake

"Aw, shit one of them checking me out kid." said Billy

"20 buck, Im fucking one of those slut tonight." said Rich

Alright, young playa pick a girl for Jake to pick up.