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Aliens: The return

You take your chosen weapon and head to the dropship. All the marines are already there. Most are carrying pulse rifles although a few have got smart guns and flamethrowers. "Right!" you shout "everyone on board on the double!". You watch as all the marines cram into the dropship. You then enter and sit down on an available seat next to Corporal Davis. "Sir" he asks you "what do you think we'll find on this ship?". "I dont know" you reply "but its our job to find out. Okay pilot lets go". The dropship then lifts up and heads towards the Stargazer. The dropship then finds a suitable hanger and lands. You all jump out and stare around at the dead hanger. You will explore in 2 teams, A and B. Team A will explore the upper areas and Team B will explore the lower levels. Which team will you go with:

You have 2 choices: