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Aliens: The return

You wake the others and explain that a ship called The Stargazer is approching. Most of the crew are stunned when you mention the word Stargazer. "You dont mean the actual ship The Stargazer" asked Private Roberts "the one that was lost all those years ago". "Yes" you reply "Ive just recieved a message from The company and our orders are to investigate the ship at once". There was a murmer around the group. "So we get to make history" you continue "we are the ones who get to find out what really happened to The Stargazer. We also have Bill Oakley from the Company who will help us". Bill nodded at the marines. "Right now lets saddle up and meet at the dropship in half an hour". The marines all left to get their equipment. You now must choose what equipment you will take. Will you: