The McKenzies had three children, all boys. In this story you will play out the life of one of the three brothers. Remember that the choices you make will shape their lives.

Paul, the oldest has always seemed the responsible type, a natural born leader. He is twelve years old and is returning from the summer camp he begged his parents to send him to. He has just found out that his youngest brother was kidnapped by a child molester while he was gone. He is laden with guilt for not being home to make sure that this type of thing didn't happen.

Mikey is the middle child. He has never been very responsible, but is known for his sense of humor. He is always ready for a good time. He is eleven years old. Two weeks ago, while he was acting like a moron for the entertainment of two older girls, his younger brother Kenny was taken away in a car, abducted by a stranger. Kenny was found, bruised but alive, a few days later by the police. His captor was taken to prison, a renown kidnapper and molester of children. Mikey blames himself for not paying more attention to his little brother.

Kenny, the youngest of the McKenzie brothers, has always been a happy child. He has always been fun loving, full of energy, and very talkative. He just turned nine a month ago. Two weeks ago he was abducted by a notorious child molester. He was rescued by the police and is in good physical health now. Emotionally he has become reclusive. He doesn't talk to people anymore, doesn't play so much anymore, doesn't do much of anything anymore. He refuses to discuss anything that happened to him.

Those are the brothers; you are given the choice of living one of their lives from this point forward. The story will likely jump spans of days, weeks, months, and sometimes years. Remember, regardless of which child you select, you are living their lives and are responsible for how they turn out in adult hood.

So... Who do you want to be?

You have 3 choices: