The Whole World In Your Hands

G: Drugs, sexual content
Note: Due to the recent announcement of an Infinite Story tournament, I am releasing this before I wanted to. It's not even close to being finished, and the only two paths that are either complete or close to are those of President and Millionaire, so I suggest you do things that would make you become one of those if you wish to experience this story.

Welcome, Future Supreme Ruler of the Universe, to The Whole World In Your Hands. In this story you will have the opportunity not only to conquer the world, but do it all from the comforts of your home (or, if you are like the author donteatpoop, your workplace because you do not have a computer at home). Either way, you'll experience the joys and sorrows that come with the great undertaking that is dominating Planet Earth, playing as the entirely fictitious Robert Lewis. If you wish to fully enjoy this story, click "I want the full story," which will start you as a nothing who really has his work cut out for him. If you have more important things to do that conquering the earth, please click the other link, which will launch you into the story as either the President of the United States, a Muslim Caliph, an Evil Boy Genius, or a Millionaire.