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The Ninja Epidemic

The Ninja Epidemic

You wake up in the morning with a headache and an upset stomach. You were out partying last night and went harder than usual. It's hard to remember how you even got home. You remember getting a ride with someone. Rick. Rick was there. He drove and... Something hits you like a punch to the gut. You barely make it to the toilet in time, vomiting up bile and booze.

Rick drove you and a few others home. Rick hit someone. He was driving through the woods over on Jacob White Road. Someone stepped out of the woods. It was dark, they were wearing dark clothing. Rick hit them. Your stomach lurches again remembering.

Rick slammed on the breaks, your head almost hit the dash. You got out to have a look, all of you. Dressed all in black, bathed in the glow of headlights, was a dead body. A ninja. The ninja part seemed odd. Still does. But that doesn't change anything. We checked, they were definitely dead. In a flash you relive the horror of that moment, the panic at the scene.

"Do we call the police?"

"Do we move the body?"

"What do we do?"

"My parents are going to kill me," Rick said.

Eventually you settled on calling the police anonymously after everyone got home.

You wipe your mouth and wash up in the sink, drinking a bit from the tap. Water has never tasted as sweet.

Your phone rings. It's the police department. You weren't as anonymous as you thought. They inform you that they sent a squad car out to investigate and there was no body. Just some skid marks on the road. You thank her and numbly hang up.

Did you make it up? Were you that drunk? Were your friends messing with you maybe? They seemed scared enough, but maybe they were acting? Some... elaborate prank of some sort. Maybe that's all it is.

Glancing at the clock and you realize school started almost an hour ago. You're late. You're in your senior year of high school by the way.

Do you go in late or just call off?