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Your parents don't know where they went wrong. They tried to raise you right, but you just wouldn't listen. Your father has ceased trying to beat some sense into you, since it doesn't do any good. He's practically disowned you, your mother is ashamed, but still hopes that someday you'll get back on the right path again, before you're hung from the gallows:

You start with a sword you "borrowed" from your father's shop. Protective gear cramps your "style" though, and as such you may not wear things like helmets, heavy armor or use shields. You do start out wearing leather armor though.

You've taken a lot of beatings for your criminal activity, but fortune still seems to favor you. It's a good thing too, since you'd probably be dead by now if it didn't. Minus 4 to your Initial STAMINA score, but add 2 to your Initial LUCK score.

Due to your light fingered ways, you've figured out how to creatively store your loot. You can carry 70 gold pieces and 12 backpack items with no penalty.

Your alignment is -5
You have 5 rations
You have 20 gold pieces

A rogue usually starts with a lot of LUCK and he'll need it too! You don't get any combat bonuses and you don't have any spell like abilities, so you're relying mostly on your raw stats. (And all those items he's found along the way!) You usually get more special options which may or may not be a good thing! Your "bonuses" and "abilities" usually show themselves during certain situations, like trying to sneak or hide and some encounters that require SKILL tests.

You have 1 choice: