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This story is long and complex, and obviously has a game element to it, but if you wish you could easily read it as a normal story.

You'll need a pencil and paper to keep track of your stats and at least 2 dice.

Roll one die and add 6. This is your SKILL
Roll two dice and add 12. This is your STAMINA
Roll one die and add 6. This is your MIND
Roll one die and add 6. This is your LUCK

These are your initial scores; your current scores may go up and down during the adventure, but they may never exceed the initial scores unless otherwise specified. If any of your scores ever reach 0 (Except LUCK) then you've died and your adventure ends.

Other stats to keep track of are your rations, gold, alignment level, and inventory. (Depending on the "Class" you pick, you may have others as well)

Rations may be eaten at any time except during combat, to replenish your STAMINA by 4. You may never carry more than 10.

You have a belt specifically designed to carry gold, it can hold up to 50 gold pieces. You may never carry more than 50 gold pieces.

Alignment will fluctuate depending on your actions, be prepared for benefits and consequences of your deeds. The limits are 20 (Saintly) to -20 (Demonic).

These are generally divided into 3 categories, weapon, wearable, and backpack.

You can carry up to 3 types of weapons maximum, these include things like swords and such. "Thrown" or "disposable" weapons like say a dart or a jar of acid don't go here though.

Wearable items will usually be limited to one piece for a particular part of the body; you obviously can't wear two helmets or two types of body armor. The exception are rings; you can wear two rings (one on each hand) Gauntlets, Boots, or Bracers are always found in PAIRS, and can only be used as such, so no using two different types of them to get different possible benefits from them! One pair of each item only.

Those items you find that don't fall under the above, are classified as backpack. You may carry any number of items; however the recommended limit is 10. Attempting to carry over that limit will result in a decrease in combat ability and SKILL tests in general. For each item over 10 you must add one to your results whenever you make a SKILL test and subtract 2 to your dice results when fighting in SKILL related combats.

So for example if you were carrying 14 items, you'd have to add 4 to SKILL tests and subtract 8 from your dice results in combat.

Unless specified otherwise, whenever you are asked to test your attributes (Usually SKILL, MIND or LUCK) you roll two dice, rolling over your current score means you fail, while a tie or under means you succeed

Anytime after you have tested your LUCK, (Success of failure) you deduct one from your current score. (The more you test your LUCK, the more likely it is to fail!)


Fighting without a weapon in physcial combat (combat involving SKILL) is generally not a good idea. If you're ever fighting without a weapon, you'll have to subtract 4 from your dice rolls.

Combat is typically resolved by rolling two dice for you and adding your SKILL to the total, and then you do the same for your opponent. Whoever has the lower score loses 2 STAMINA points. Continue like this until someone is dead. Ties are re-rolled.

When fighting more than one opponent you will be told if you're fighting them together or one at a time. If its together roll for all opponents, but you can only wound one at a time, winning against the other attackers just means you parried the blow. (They however can of course ALL wound you if they hit)

There is also MIND combat, these are usually carried out the exact same way as SKILL. The only exceptions being that they imply its more of a "Psychic" or "Magic" orientated type battle (Though there's still a physical element to it as well) These types of battles won't allow things that could normally protect you or allow normal attack additions to dice rolls unless otherwise specified.

For example, A sword that would normally allow you to add two to your attack dice roll, wouldn't apply in a MIND combat. (Being without a weapon doesn't effect your dice rolls in MIND combat though)

Any more rules or exceptions will be explained during the encounter. Keep in mind as your adventurer career progresses you may gain (or lose) more abilities. The world may change as well.

Now what is your career choice?