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I like this story. I dislike how priests work, it seems to mock people who actually believe in a one true God, but other than that, I like this story.
by Lightning11wins on Oct 2, 2019
by ninjapitka on Aug 31, 2019
I cant believe you built an entire RPG on a choose your own adventure site. You deserve this.
by wolewole on Jul 21, 2019
by NalyDMOC on Aug 29, 2018
It's what I call "No Problems Here."

This is perfection. I've read this three times over the years, and it hasn't gotten boring. I usually just cheated the rolls in combat, but hey, the story was good, and that's what matters, right?
This story had no signs of laziness, nor poor grammar or poor writing quality. It was amazing, to say the least, and deserves the "ten." Good work, EndMaster (typical).
by NoProblemsHere on Aug 17, 2018
by Kriscom226 on Sep 7, 2016
by Greatbear11 on Feb 4, 2016
by mclick9 on Jan 31, 2016
by Smolfinn on Jan 12, 2016
This was amazing I just finished it and I have to say you my friend are awesome, hope you make more awesome story's like this one
by AdventureMaker4444 on Aug 29, 2015
Fantastic! I highly recommend this story. I just finished it! Really good.
by Creeper909 on Mar 20, 2015
This one deserves to be on top (at least compared to the others at the top of the "home" page).

This is a comprehensive and complete work, thoroughly enjoyable. It could probably have been better, but you got bored. "Eternal" is not as good as this.

Your stories, in the order that I remember and value them: Necromancer>Legend>Ground Zero>Repression/Geek>Death Song>Paradise Violated>Eternal>Alpha Wolf>A Very Special Infinite Story.

I don't actually remember that last one. The reference merits a mention, though. If I reread everything, the order (certainly the number) of stories mentioned would be different. I'm not going to do that. "Eternal" would rate higher, but it's just too - fucking - thorough for its own good. By the time I finished the last branch, I was very bored. That's unfortunate (the quality was at least as good as the first branch I tried), but the sad truth is that brevity is sometimes a virtue. You boiled every last possibility out of that story.

I identify with you on a lot of things, and I get the compulsion to *finish* it. This "10" is for all of your stories, for king and country. Cheers.
by Pelyphin on Mar 4, 2015
Awesome! Just finished it, took forever to "play" it, can't even imagine how long it took to make it. I finished with an alignment of 20, if 20 wasn't max would've been 24.. :D Love this, highly reccomended
by ravenclawz on Oct 24, 2014
by zuzia1 on Jan 26, 2014
by CaptainDark on Oct 12, 2013
by Lackofmop on Jul 21, 2013
no comment
by werecat101 on Jun 28, 2013
by werecat101 on Jun 22, 2013
by Clark on Mar 6, 2013
a great story
by Matabichos on Feb 14, 2013
by Doomburger on Nov 24, 2012
by conpanbear on Nov 1, 2012
This was one of the most fun choose your own adventure games I've seen here. It's a mediocre D&D adventure but that doesn't mean it's not awesome to play when you're bored. Definitely kept me entertained.
by Pandemicpanda on Jun 24, 2012
This was really fun to play, after beating it, i've choosen now to plat through with my same stats, but as his kid, which in this story is sadly impossible, and disapointing. though i'm changing the class, and choosing diffrent things depending the diffrent class and, the one played through origionaly. exp. first time a preist. now a Tech. so starting out, he has the Learher armor, warhammer, and sharp Battle Axe, only 3 rations, 6 gold and a Brimstone thrower. But to make the game harder i've doubled all stats of the enemy except Stanima. part of the problem with this is that one someone starts out with 12 skill you almost never get hit. Sand toward the end when i was fighting all the undead my lowest posible role was 16 dueing 5 damadge from my Blessed Katana, if i had 20 alignment it would have been 20, and 4 damage per hit. then adding the prayer's influence(+2 per prayer for combat) automatice win in every combatgarentied if 2 prayers are used. Except the battle when it's your village against the Greenskin Armey. because it's 12 vs.12 skill no bounes. also through the play through of the kid's since he's not a preist i assume he can't get the holy sword or Blessed Katana, unless which ever i had durring the first time through. that the kid should receive it, and any other helpful itam like the chainmail, and the like.
by newlehi on Nov 17, 2011
This is one of the best classics of Infinity story,it would be great if we can like,play through when our characters were young,too.
by darkdude on Nov 5, 2011
Impresive one of the best if not the best story in this site.All writers should learn from you 10 out of 10 this story is nearly flawless.
by Artazansss on Oct 15, 2011
by Romulus on Sep 19, 2011
Very good, you made it not too difficult nor to easy, which is difficult with these kind of games. The way anything you do can have an effect on you at the end in ingenious. Loved it, though prolonged combat is boring as Hell.
by SamLoser2 on Jan 17, 2011
by Nexsah on Aug 11, 2010
by vegabond213 on Jun 27, 2010
by silentninja on May 3, 2010
by shadowblack on Mar 16, 2010
by cooldude1692 on Jan 9, 2010
Well done and entertaining story :) Holy shit, how much work and time it must have got to do this! Not very original plot, though, that's why I say it's only 8, not 9.
by Milianotus on Oct 22, 2009
Entertaining story :) Not worth of ten, but definitely 8-8.5 since there must have been a great deal of job doing this!

I was a Rogue, won with Alignment as 12, got Tanya's Kiss.
by Milianotus on Oct 22, 2009
Wow, this was a great story and it was really enjoyable to play through. Nice work EndMaster.
by spartan008 on Mar 17, 2009
Okay. My biggest wish for this one is "Expand this!"

I particularly love how all the classes really do play slightly differently, and it's not just because of stats. I feel there's a slight overfocus on Priests, though, due to all the god options. If you work on this again, I would find it kind of nice if there was something temple/religion-related for the non-Priests to do.
by Ramidel on Oct 6, 2008
I don't like you...
But... I like the story...
by MegaProto on Jun 26, 2008
by Matabichos on Feb 23, 2008
by KaticaLocke on Feb 20, 2008
by valtore on Dec 28, 2007
by Eichel on Dec 13, 2007
technologist ftw!
by Plastic on Jun 3, 2007
by Jargner on May 20, 2007
Can't believe I didn't rate this one yet. Excellent story, End. (but you knew that). The rogue definately has the best path, the only thing that prevented you from getting a ten is the warrior path. Ugh.
by donteatpoop on May 6, 2007
by wxp1207 on May 4, 2007
Very Very Good Story. Would like to see where it goes from where it is.
by dnukem on Mar 1, 2007
The detail put into both the story and the different paths for the characters is amazing and I must commend you on your huge effort. Very cool End!

ps - please don't delete the comments :)
by funkymango on Jan 12, 2007
Awesome rpg. So intricate, so detailed... it must have taken a whole lot of work to do....
by mister on Jan 10, 2007
My adventure was quite short and my demise very quick at the hands of the devil;Great work!I hope you dont mind me comparing it to the Lone Wolf books I used to read as a kid,very cool.
by Nappi on Jan 9, 2007
Quite awesome-will be waiting patiently for its continuation
by glowworm on Jan 9, 2007
by jeffisthebest on Jan 3, 2007
I only half play the game, cheating with a lot of the rolls and still found it to be my favorite on the site as far as enjoyability is concerned. To bad End is going to delete these ratings...
by apotheosis on Jan 3, 2007
Really expansive. I'm not such a big fan of stats, but I like this a lot.
by DarkMagnus on Jan 2, 2007

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