You read a lot of books as a child, and eventually you managed to teach yourself some spells found in some of those books. Your parents don't really approve as they don't trust magic. For different reasons though, he thinks you're weak and she thinks you're bound to damnation:

You start out with a dagger, and it's about all you can wield. You only do 1 STAMINA point of damage when fighting with it. You haven't learned how to use other weapons, and as such you can't use anything bigger except a staff. You also cannot wear any kind of heavy protective equipment such as armor, helmets or shields. You are wearing a robe.

You weren't bred for martial combat. Subtract 4 from your Initial STAMINA score and 2 from your Initial SKILL score, but all those books made you pretty smart. Add 2 to your Initial MIND score.

Due to your weak combat skills and low strength in general, you really aren't cut out to fight while overloaded at all. You have to subtract 3 points to your combat rolls for each item over the 10 inventory "limit".

Naturally you can cast spells, before combat starts you can cast an offensive spell to damage or weaken your enemies. You do this by testing you MIND. A successful hit zaps 4 STAMINA points off of all your enemies and then you fight as normal. Now you can do more damage than that, by adding to the results of your MIND test. For each point more of STAMINA damage you want to do you have to add one to your MIND test.

For example if you wanted to do 6 STAMINA points of damage instead of 4, you'd have to add 2 to your dice roll when testing your MIND score.
In any case failing your MIND test will result in you getting hit for 3 STAMINA points of damage, and then combat begins as normal.

There may be specific points in the adventure where it will ask you to cast a spell, but these will be explained when the time arises.

Your alignment is 0
You have 5 rations
You have 10 gold pieces

As a Wizard, you'll probably want to figure out how to raise your initial MIND score, so you can cast more damaging spells with less risk. The idea is to do as much damage as possible in the beginning, since your regular fighting skills are going to be below average. You'll probably have different options available too, since you can cast spells in certain situations.

You have 1 choice: