When you were born your mother sensed you were destined to serve a higher power; she immediately indoctrinated you in the ways of the One True God. You father would rather you had been a warrior; he finds religion a waste of time as a man should rely on himself not some "being" that may or may not exist:

You start out with a sword, for even though the One True God teaches forgiveness, he also teaches to smite those that would seek to harm his followers. You also carry a Holy Symbol of your faith (Worn around neck) which allows you to add 2 to you combat score when fighting undead or demon like creatures. You wear a robe.

You don't believe in luck, you're taught that there is a divine plan for everything. Subtract 2 from your Initial LUCK score.

Your faith allows you to pray for help. You may do this up to three times to replenish one of your scores up to their initial value. There may be other special events that involve a chance to pray as well, but you may only do so if you haven't used them all up yet. You may get more prayers, but only after doing something extraordinary.

Your alignment is 10
You have 5 rations
You have 5 gold pieces
Your faith is The One True God

As a Priest, you're probably the most effected by alignment. As it is, you start out as "Good" but that's subject to change depending on what you do. Keep this in mind since your faith may become useless if you stray from it.

Speaking of faith, it should be noted that while you follow the One True God in the beginning, it's not set in stone that you'll stay on that path. As you travel you may decide you wish to follow another deity for different bonuses. This may or may not be a gradual transition and not a transition to take lightly as there are usually consequences for switching. But you'll probably want to avoid being "Faithless", this usually occurs when you've strayed without transitioning into any other specific deity. You'll be somewhat vulnerable in this state since you'll essentially be a Priest without any of the benefits.

For example, if you're a Priest of the One True God, you'll have to keep your alignment on the positive side or else you'll become "Faithless" and lose ALL the benefits you had such as any extra prayers you had, your holy symbol working, etc. (And possibly risking some divine wrath as well) and keep in mind just raising your alignment back up won't help.

One more note: The One True God isn't widely worshipped; most of the world still has a polytheistic mindset. Your village was mostly converted when a traveling holy man of the One True God passed through one day.

You have 1 choice: