You were always naturally gifted at combat even when you were a child. Your father who is a blacksmith is very proud, but your mother worries about you sometimes:

You start out with a sword your father made especially for you. When using it in combat, you may add 2 to your dice roll results. You wear some leather armor.

You're a hale and hearty individual due to your training. Add 6 to your Initial STAMINA score, but you didn't really have much use for book learning, not to say you're stupid, you just don't dwell on complex matters. Subtract 2 from your Initial MIND score.

Since you've trained yourself to fight under strenuous conditions and you're stronger in general, you can still fight somewhat effectively while overloaded. You only have to subtract 1 point to your combat rolls for each item over the 10 inventory "limit". You also only have to subtract 2 from your dice rolls instead of 4 for being weaponless in physical combat.

Your alignment is 0.
You have 5 rations.
You have 10 gold pieces.

Basically as a Warrior, you're going to focus mostly on regular combat and encounters. You aren't likely to get special options for things, but you'll be more likely to live through tough battles.

You have 1 choice: