A Tale of Two Choices

Dorothea looked curiously at this debonaire young man. He had slick black hair and a well trimmed beard covering only his chin. Out from his face shone the brightest blue eyes that she had seen. And was that a trace of sulfur in the air that she could detect?

"Dorothea Blenkinsop. Well, well, well," this man said in his honeyed voice. "So Noah Trystell has treated you badly and you want your revenge."

"What... how do you... who are you?" Dorothea stumbled for her words.

"Let me introduce my self. I am Damon Ablo. I suppose you could call me a magician. I let myself in. I saw everything and I have this weakness. I have to help whenever I see a delightful damsel like yourself in distress. Now, I think we were discussing your revenge against Master Trystell?"

Dorothea felt herself overcome with gratitude tinged by anger. "Yes. Yes, that would be wonderful. What can you do?"

"Many, many things. I could have rats attack him while he sleeps. Or maybe reveal embarrasments from his past. Use your imagination. Just one thing before I do. It is all very boring, this, but I am afraid I just need you to sign some papers for me. All it is is absolving me from liability should anything go slightly wrong."

At this Damon Ablo handed Dorothea a letter full of tiny print, with a line on the bottom for her to sign. He also passed over a beautiful, red fountain pen.