A Tale of Two Choices

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by jeffisthebest on Jan 21, 2006
Why is it that anyone involved in a collaborative work always chooses to rate it like it's a pearl among stones? The story itself was entertaining and fairly well-written. However, most rooms were entirely too short and (in my opinion) a third party story has not NEARLY the flexibility that this story suggests. I mean, granted, we ARE on the I-S site, but certain givens should be maintained THROUGHOUT a story, not dictated entirely by the reader. The very fact that the man behind you is either a chemist or someone sent to follow you by some bratty little fat girl dependant totally on what the reader decides is preposterous.

The thing that saved this rating from being much less is my Devil's advocate side, which thinks this idea is incredibly original and long overdue - a story actually dictated (to whatever degree that is possible) by the wanton desires of the READER. This, I think (perhaps) is the original intent of even so far back as CYOA - the reader chooses what the story is. You'd rather he was a chemist? Fine. You'd prefer the tragedy that would ensue if he was actually sent by the sister? Fine.

Therefore, a seven. (whew)
by michaelrayholt on Aug 13, 2005
Overall, good story. However, Charles Dickens has a tendency to bore me and so does this story. In that sense, you definately hit the style right on the money. I don't mean any offense with this, as I respect Mr. Dickens for his work. I simply don't enjoy reading it. I enjoyes this story a little more than Charles' work.
by donteatpoop on Aug 11, 2005
Starts off promising but needs to be finished.
by ChubbyTeletubby on Jul 20, 2005
The idea and way the story was made in a 3rd person perspective was so original, unique, and interesting that it blew my mind. Good job.
by YazZMaN on Jul 5, 2005
by sssweetie on Apr 15, 2005
Chuckie D. would be proud. God, a day in the life of an oppressed orphan sure can get one down around Christmas. I think I'm off to buy a Christmas goose for a crippled boy now.
by AlphaDog on Dec 16, 2004
Great idea! I'm glad you're sticking with only two choices each. It's a very interesting story!
by Izzers on Apr 24, 2004
Fantastic period piece. Very authentic and historically accurate. I love it!
by CelticFrostQueen on Mar 4, 2004

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