Paradise Violated


That must've been the Empire's idea of an ironic joke when they were assigning a name to this sweltering hell hole of a planet. The heat wouldn't be so bad if the planet wasn't also a jungle nightmare teaming with poisonous flora and dangerous fauna.

The "primitive" natives aren't exactly friendly either. Your team medic had to find that out the hard way. Oh sure sometimes you'll come across a tribe that's friendly, but most of the time the lizards see you as food. Soft, fleshy pink food that's invading their territory. Which means you usually end up having to torch an entire village.

Fuckin' waste of ammo.

Of course if the planet and its inhabitants weren't enough, there's always the other major powers laying claim to the planet. The Krik Collective, the Mazatt Dominion, and the Elojin Alliance have all laid claims to plunder whatever riches this planet may have and that's why you're here: To make sure this planet is plundered by the Terran Empire instead.

The next Empire supply ship won't be here for a long time, let alone anymore troops. You're on your own. Ah the joys of being part of the Empire's expeditionary force.

You and your team have currently set up base in one of those "friendly" lizard villages.

Well its a brand new day in Paradise, what's first on the agenda?