A Tale of Two Choices

"I am a chemist by trade, and I could not help but noticing the test tubes that you are carrying. I see you have dropped one. I can only apologise if I startled you. My name is Albert Wilkinson, at your service." With that Albert took a low bow.

Dorothea was surprised at this introduction and distraught that she had smashed one of the mysterious tubes.

"I'm ... er ... Dorothea." she stammered. "Do you know the way to the Poxy Goat, or how I can replace this tube I have broken?"

"Well, er Dorothea, you can come to my laboratory if you want. I have plenty of test tubes there, and plenty of white powder. Though, we would have to see what the powder consisted of," Albert mused. "Actually, my laboratory is just three minutes walk away. The Poxy Goat, though, will take you about an hour to get to. I'm told it is full of undesirables."

Dorothea was tempted to follow this man to his laboratory. She had never met a scientist before and this sounded exciting. She might also get to replace the tube. On the other hand, she did have to get to the Poxy Goat in good time.