Los Chimpos Ride Again

You are Harry Nutfinch, a hard working private investigator who likes a drink now and again, and are overweight and out of shape. Imagine a show dog gone to ruin.
You run a small detective agency in London, working under the radar of government and officials. You have solved many cases and you rarely think of them but there are those that remain unsolved and they hang open, like a door in winter, and you feel their draught. The drink helps you keep warm.

As this adventure begins, you are in a small office.
Your drinking habits have been getting out of hand recently following a recent case to do with a whisky decanter and you've been waking up with loss of short term memory. You can barely remember your name let alone where you are.

A desk, two chairs, a reading lamp, a telephone, some rolled up papers, a filing cabinet and a small box are all that are here.
The door to the office is to your right and, to the left, a window.
Glancing out of the window you can see you're in your home city overlooking the town centre.

A knock at the door startles you, and you turn to see a shadow through the frosted glass.