Los Chimpos Ride Again

A long time ago, a poor soul that had yet to find itself a host became lost in the midsts of time.
Spending eternity struggling, striving, surviving in the ether.
That poor soul was named Spooky.

Through inner strength and fortitude, Spooky became known all over the world and his adventures are legendary.
Fame, fortune and glory followed him and his generosity benefited mankind.
He found family, including his own parents (Ma and Pa Spooky) and a whole host of other spiritual beings throughout time (including Viking Spooky, Demon Spooky, Ultra Spooky)
He found friends (Ninjaraffe, the Three Little Mexicans, Bertie the Dead Fox, Ian The Spider Costume and more... including the infamous superhero Sharkman).
He found... peace.

Now, however, Spooky is missing and only you can help find him!

Your adventure begins here!