A Tale of Two Choices

Edmund and Charles ran up to the library to speak to Lord Withenstrop, to ask if he knew anything about a relation called Alfred and the man in the painting. When they got to the door they heard the sound of a man sobbing.

Edmund went in, followed by Charles, and found Edmund's father surrounded by torn paper, weeping.

"It is all useless. Hopeless. I shall have to sell up. We are ruined."

"Father? What is wrong? Get a hold of your self sir. It is my birthday and the first guests will be arriving soon."

Lord Withenstrop explained to Edmund that his latest gamble on the stocks and shares market had been a complete disaster. The South African gold mine that he had poured all the family money into, did not even exist and hsi fortune had been stolen.

Charles approached, wanting to distract Lord Withenstrop's attention momentarily from his situation.

"Lord Withenstrop, do you know anything about this?" he asked, holding out the watch.