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A Tale of Two Choices

"No, I have not heard of an uncle Alfred either, but he must be related. Afterall, how many Withenstrops can there be?" Edmund queried. "We have a whole hallway of them, looking down on the stairs. If I did have a great uncle Alfred, he is bound to be there somewhere."

Charles and Edmund left the room and started paying close attention to the portraits.

Mostly these were second rate oil paintings and not an Old Master amongst them. They were the standard half length or full length portrait of an ancestor in his or her grandest clothes standing in front of an unlikely background, with a pile of worthy books to their left.

Charles called to Edmund, "This one is slightly unusual." Edmund went closer to inspect.

The picture that Charles was looking at was smaller and higher up than most. Edmund had never really looked at it properly. It was of two men, rather than one, which made it unique amongst the hallway paintings. One of the men was wearing a pocket watch of the type Edmund was now holding, but there was no inscription on the frame to show who these two men were.