Behind The Shield

You low crawl over to the wooded area as you now notice SWAT entry team sneaking up the side of the building you reach a nice point in a bush and get a position as you peer into the scope that mounts atop your rifle. You notice several people on the ground laying face first, with 2 guys in green with red mask covering their faces holding AK-47 assault rifles. YOU radio the information to the sarge as your giving the report you feel a sudden burning starting from your right leg and slowly increasing upward towards your chest. Still fixed in on your targets waiting for the green light you notice a third scumbag pointing his rifle from a window in which the entry team is about to pass by. No time for a situation report, you give your own green light just as your dialing in your scope the burning worsens as you look down and notice that you lay on a dirt mound crawling with red ants. AGGHHHH!!!! you scream from the burning sensation you feel all over your body you jump up and run around as the scumbag in the window now focuses his rifle on you and takes a clean shot that delivers right to your chest. Gunfire emits from everywhere hostages try and run but few make it. You lie on the ground on your back dazing upward wondering if SWAT was meant for you.
End Of Story