Behind The Shield

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by Xt1000305 on May 19, 2012
by TJMW on Jul 11, 2010
by johnnygat on Apr 3, 2010
Good job. It was little confusing, so I think it deserves a 9. Not quite a 10 yet.
by vancelandow on Mar 14, 2009
OKay, not the best tho....
by emily11 on Jul 30, 2008
This is an awesome story. A few spelling mistakes, but otherwise one of the best stories on the site
by Assassin on Feb 12, 2008
Great work, keep it up
by ryogodhand on Nov 28, 2006
Chubbytelewhatever guy is a dumba$$, he dont know what he's talking about, jelous I guess, he cant write worth $hit, anyway NC this story was awesome!!!! Lots of action!!! Definitly a fun read!!
by ThePhantomWriter on Apr 26, 2006
by absolutiongt on Mar 25, 2006
Dude, I don't understand why everyone else is showering you with praise.

This story was TERRIBLE.

I guess one of the prerequisites to become a Cop is that you have to write at a 7th grade level?

I'm not insulting your intelligence here, but either you're VERY lazy or you REALLY need to take some basic classes on composition.

Yikes, man.
by ChubbyTeletubby on Jan 6, 2006
Wow, this one is so awesome. I love this type of stuff, because of Police Quest.
by Alanzo on Apr 5, 2005
I think this was one of the best stories I have ever read and I think you should write more just like it.
by charleeb on Feb 9, 2005
by Cab on Jan 17, 2005
by Ravenchild on Dec 20, 2004
Well I died, but I am going to do the story again! It was very interesting!
by ShipRaven on Dec 12, 2004
Hey dude, this is a pretty damn good story. Not my favorite but it dosn't have any great flaws and the writing is good.

(And as for retlin saying "all the roots are supposed to be the same length" the whiny little bitch needs to take a look at his own tales. I think he just wanted to criticize something and this story must look like heaven to him.)
by Karold on Nov 20, 2004
Was the guy at Meelbrook you? Were they all your experiences?
by jeffisthebest on Nov 16, 2004
by Sash on Nov 2, 2004
it was really awesome you should add some extra stuff to finish the story without getting beat up...
by LThacker on Oct 19, 2004
by HydraLing on Oct 16, 2004
that story is good. I hink it would b better however if all the roots went abou the same length(loose endings all being at the same spot in the story) other than that, it is really good.
by retlin on Oct 14, 2004
Great story man. I like the consistant storyline.
by packratt5454 on Oct 5, 2004
Overall good plot line and some interesting choices. Only downside was several mis-spellings.
by KatsuyaJonouchi on Jun 24, 2004
by lioness1081 on Apr 5, 2004
A truly amazing story. Very good storyline no matter which path you choose. Doesn't rely on random coincidental occurances to keep the story going. A perfect 10!
by CJW on Jan 21, 2004

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