Behind The Shield

You report that afternoon to the range and talk to the Sergeant in control of the SWAT Team. He advises that he had viewed your past shooting records and noticing how precise you are he places you as a sniper. you take the rifle he hands you and begin practicing. Your on the range for an hour or so when you hear the Sarge yell out to all the members "Grab your crap we got a live one!" You turn to George who is on the entry team and ask whats going on George tells ya that their is a hostage situation at Kamrons Jewelers. You grab you rifle and the rest of your gear and head for the SWAT truck at which you jump into. The truck takes off down the road beeds of sweat drip down your face. The Sarge looks at ya, don't worry all you need to do is find a spot make observations on whats goin on before I send in the entry team and at no time are you to fire your rifle unless given the green light. The truck jerks to a stop, doors fly open and out bails SWAT dressed in black. Now looking around you attempt to find the best observation point and firing point combined.