Behind The Shield

You grab your gear out of the truck and head for the 2 story building across the street. You throw your rope up and climb to the top and set up your gear and rifle. You now peer down the scope that sits atop your rifle 500 yards is no prob for you as you have been trained by the military in the past to shoot over 1000 this is a cake walk. You notice the entry team sliding its way along the side of the building. You notice several people on the ground laying face first, with 2 guys in green with red mask covering their faces holding AK-47 assault rifles. YOU radio the information to the sarge as your giving the report you notice that there is a guy in a window with a rifle similar to yours and the angle the barrel faces is in the direction of the Sarge. You only have seconds to react. If you take a shot without a green light it may jeopardize the hostages life not to mention the entry teams, but should ya take a chance and try and get him on the radio and tell him the radio battery has been goin dead.