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cardcaptors a new evil


CHAPTER 3: The battle to break the seal begins

Jackie: "Sounds like Sakura is alone. Now let's get her outside. We can't disappoint master Max."

- flashback -

Toby: "Ok we took you up on your {offcer} Max."

Max: "You two won't be disappointed. Now tell me: Do you know anyone who has magic powers? Strong magic! ...
I need someone who has strong magic, so you two can absorb their powers and set me free."

Jackie: "Yes, Sakura's daughter has strong magic, however {eil honing} around her. He is Clow's reincarnation."

Max: "What? Clow has been reincarnated? Then you'd better not go after his daughter. I don't want him to know what you're up to.
Then I'll just have to you sent you two back in time to the point when Sakura was still a

kid. You two should be able to overpower her,
but how long ago was that?"

Jackie: "It's about 21 years ago. From what we read on Sakura, her days of sealing the Clow cards. You see - she wrote a book on her day of going after the cards."

Max: "And how did you get your hand on this book?"
Toby: "We teleported ourselves into her home when she was away and read her book."

Max: "I will use my magic to send you two to the past now. I call on the power of the shadows! Heed my call! Releash the darkness! Portal open!"

The two of them jump into the portal ...

Jackie: "This vortex is so long! How much longer will it take before we get there?"
Max: "I see it! The other side of the portal is just up ahead."
Toby: "At last ... we made it! Now we need to track down Sakura. When we do we need to

make sure she alone. If she has her friends with her it will be that
much harder on us. We don't want to make this too hard."

- end of flashback -

Sakura: "Hello, may ask who you're here to see?"
Jackie: "We're here to meet you, Sakura. We are new to town and we are going to be in the

same school as you are.
After the summer is over we wanted to get to know everyone who is going to be in our

Toby: "That way we came to meet you here."
"I don't sense any magic coming from them, so I don't think they're the ones I need to

look out for." Sakura thought.
Sakura: "Nice to meet you two."
Toby: "Sakura, would you mind stepping out for min? We need your help with something."

Sakura: "What is it? Do I have time to put on a pair of shoes first?"
Jackie: "No, we are kind of in a hurry. Would you show us where Madison lives, so we can meet her next?"

Sakura: "Oh sure, she lives right down there."

Sakura steps outside.

Jackie: "What a foolish brat you are, Sakura! You fell right into our trap."
Sakura: "Huh? I sense that they use magic. That means they keep it hidden from me this

whole time. They're the ones I need to watch out for."
Jackie: "Now Sakura - you and I are going to fight it out in a fight - if you lose I'll

take your magic from you."
Sakura : "Ok then, you're on. I'll take you down!"

Sakura tries to punch Jackie, but Jackie just dodged Sakura's punches."
Jackie: "It seems you're a poor fighter, Sakura."

Jackie punched Sakura in her face, then in her stomach, which makes Sakura spit. Sakura fell to her knees, holding her stomach.

Sakura: "Jackie ... good, there's no way I can beat her with my level of skill, but that doesn't mean I am going to lose time to use my magic staff.

Key of the Star with powers burning bright, reveal the staff and shine your light! Release fight and power cards!"

Then Sakura punches Jackie in the face and kicks her to the ground.
Jackie: "So her cards made her stronger. Not that it matters ..."

Jackie elbows Sakura in her stomach. "Aurgh!", yelled Sakura.
Sakura: "I can't beat her at hand-to-hand fighting! I have to outsmart her by trapping

her. Here it goes: Bandage Card - become a bandage! Tie Jackie up!"
Jackie: "Nice try, Sakura! Burning wall!"

Jackie casts a wave of fire to burn up the Bandage.

Sakura : "No, I won't give up here! I have to make a new star card to take her down. I have to end it before I get tired.

I won't let them go after Shaoran. I will keep him safe."
"Here it goes ... I call upon the power of my star ... ancient forces near and far,

Star join together with my rope card, transform all your might and draw your power from my light! Star card!", yelled Sakura.

Sakura: "Now ropes, tie Jackie up!"
"What? It's too fast!" Jackie yells as the ropes tie her arms and legs.

Jackie: "I can't move! The ropes are too tight. Sakura, you're going to pay for this!"
Sakura: "Yes, I trapped her now. Now I'll just finsh her, then take Toby down before it's too late."

Jackie starts struggling...

Jackie: "I call on the forces of darkness! Hand of darkness, appear!"

Within seconds Jackie was untied.
sakura: "no cant lose here jump card
sakura jumps in windy card become cage tarp jackie.

jackie: " shadow force seal
jackie stops windy.

Jackie: "Now for the fun part ... it's payback time, Sakura!"

Now {revus} hand Jackie cast a wave of wind which sent the ropes flying right at Sakura.

Sakura: "Huh? No way!"

Within seconds the ropes wrap around Sakura, tieing her arms and legs up really tight.

Sakura: "I can't free myself!"

Sakura starts struggling.

Jackie: "That's right, I've infused them with power of darkness and now I'll take all of your magic, Sakura!"

Jackie puts her hand over Sakura's mouth.
"Mphmpmpmhm!", yelled Sakura as Jackie starts to absorb Sakura's magic from her.

Madison: "I wonder what Sakura is up today. I know - I'll go to see her.
Madison shows up at sakura's place.

Madison: "What? Oh no! Sakura is in trouble! I need to call Li."
Shaoran: "Is something wrong, Madison? You sound worried."

Madison: "Oh, Li! Sakura is in trouble! This new evil is more than Sakura can handle. There are two of them, one of them already trapped Sakura

and is absorbing her magic from her."
Shaoran: "What? Hang on, I will be there right away!"

Shaoran hangs up.

Shaoran: "Hold on, Sakura, I am coming!"
Sweat starts running down sakuran's face and she starts feeling weak as magic was being drained from her

Soon Jackie absorbed all of Sakura's magic just as Shaoran shows up.

Shaoran: "No! I am too late! Sakura!"
Toby: that's right "You're too late, brat!"

Jackie then taped Sakura's mouth shut and Sakura's eyes turned white as she fell to her knees and then hit the ground, unconscious,
due to having her magic traumatically ripped from her.

shaoran: "come on sakura woke up come on say some thing
"You two are going to pay for what you did to Sakura!" yelled Shaoran.

Jackie: "As if you can stop us, Li!"

Toby took him.

Toby: " Right ..."

Toby grabs Shaoran by the hair, punching him in the stomach.
"Urk!", yelled Shaoran.

Then Toby hits Shaoran in face. Shaoran jumps up and kicks Toby in face.

Toby: "Ok, play time is over, Li!"
Then Toby elbowed Shaoran in stomach. Shaoran fell to his knees, holding his stomach and

Then Toby pulls Shaoran's shoes off his feet, along with his socks and throws them at Jackie.

Toby: "You know what to with these."
Jackie: "Right."

Shaoran: "I have to stop you two. If I can't do it in hand-to-hand fighting, then I'll stop you with my magic. Sakura, I am sorry ...

I was too late to save you. I won't forgive them for hurting you! I'll find a way to stop them and get you your powers back."

Toby: "Oh please ... Sakura said the same thing. Look what happened to her."

While Sakura was unconscious, Jackie walked up to her and picked up her star cards.

Jackie: "Now i call on the power of darkness! Chaos remove!"

Soon Sakura's name was removed from her star cards and Jackie's name was put in its place.

Jackie: "Your cards are mine, Sakura!"
Shaoran: "No! I can't let them get away with this!"

Toby: "Too bad! Jackie is going to turn your socks and shoes into her own weapons, using her magic. Your girlfriend Sakura was too weak
to stop us, just as you are, Li. Now let's put an end to this, bratty boy!"

then toby elbowed shaoran in the stomach . "Aurgh!", yelled shaoran
shaoran. "Aurgh!", my stomach there to strong.

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