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cardcaptors a new evil

CHAPTER 2: Back story on Max

Sakura: "Morning everyone! What do you say - after we're done eating, we could go out for another dip in the hot tub."then go for a swim
Madison: "Sounds good, Sakura!"

One hour later:

Tori: "Oh, look! The monster's going to go for a swim."
"Toriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! You said you'd stop calling me that when I made us finally rich!" Sakura yelled.
Tori: "I am your brother - it's my job to pick you on, Sakura. Sure you did make us rich, but like said - it's my job."

3 days came and went - Sakura and Meilin had some more training and Sakura and her firends had more fun. Sakura would slowly become more skilled in hand-to-hand combat.

Sakura: "Bye, guys. See you next time!"
Madison: "We'll see you soon, Sakura!" Eli: "Something's wrong. I sense great evil is

about to return, but it couldn't be Max. When I was Clow Reed I made sure his seal could not be broken."
Ruby: "Master Eli! Is something wrong?"

Eli: "I fear Sakura may be in for another run for evil."
Ruby: "How? She sealed all the clow cards, turned them into star cards. So unless there isn't another hidden card you didn't tell us about - what could go wrong?"

Spinner: "Look Ruby - if Eli says something's going to happen, then it will."
Eli: "I am going back to Sakura's home town. I need to inform her that something may happen."

Several hours later ...

Sakura hears a knock at the door.

Sakura: "I'm coming! ... Oh, Eli! What are you doing back here?"
Eli: "Well, I fear you may be in for another run with evil again, Sakura. Something is

about to happen soon. As for what it may be I don't know for sure, but it may be Max."
Sakura: "Max? Who's that?"
Eli: "He is a powerful ruler of magic, but he grew power hungry. He wants to use his power for evil. He wanted to rule the world, so when I was Clow Reed I sealed him away,

hoping he will never be set free again."
Sakura: "You mean just like Sue Young?"
Eli: "The answer is yes and no. He is nothing like her at all in power, that is. If I had

sealed him in some place as her, he would rip his way out.
She was not as bad as he was. Be on ground, Sakura! I will be in town at the hotel for now till I know for sure what may happen."

Sakura: "Julian, this Sakura." I need to talk to Yue right away, so can you come by?"
Julian: "I'll be there soon, Sakura."

Soon Sakura hears a knock at the door.

Sakura: "Oh Julian, you made it here."
Julian: "I'll go ahead and change now."
Yue: "So Sakura, what is it that you want to tell me?"

Sakura: "Eli came by earlier today and told me some new evil may be coming this way - someone named Max. I was wondering if you know anything about him."
Yue: "Did you say Max? It can't be! He was sealed by Clow. The seal can't be broken by

just anyone. If it is him then we may need Eli's help to stop him.
If you sense anyone with evil magic, call me right away, Sakura! If you sense anything I'll be there to help you master it."
Sakura: "Thanks, Yue!"

"Hi Kero, are you down yet?", yelled Sakura walking up to her room.

Kero: "Ya, now maybe you get me some more food."
Sakura: "We don't have time for you to feed your face, Kero! We may have new evil on the way."

Kero: "What are you talking about, Sakura? We sealed all the clow cards, then you turned them all into star cards and sealed the unknown clow cards away.
What more is there to do?"
Sakura: "Kero, you're the one that told me before that there is other magic out there

besides the clow cards. Did you forget?
And Kero - Eli came by earlier today. He said new great evil may be on its way. He said it may be the master of dark magic named Max."

Kero: "Whaaaaaaat? But how would Max's seal be broken? Me and Yue were there. We saw Clow sealing him way.
The only ones who would have power to free him would be Clow/Eli and the combined powers of you - Li and Sakura, and I know no one would be able to free him.
Are you sure it may be Max?"

Sakura: "Yes. Eli said we need to be on ground, Kero. Besides I somehow feel that my days of saving my home town are far from over."

Kero: "But what if Eli is wrong after Clow? I mean Eli never saw that you and Li would fall in love so maybe he is wrong about Max.
At least I hope he is. Max is a far more powerful master of magic than you currently are, Sakura."

Sakura: "So, Kero - tell me more about this Max guy. Yue never told me the whole story, like who is he, why was he sealed away, what did he do ...
Was he worse than Sue Young, Kero?"
Kero: "Ok Sakura, I'll tell you all that happened..."

"10 years before Clow died it was like a normal winter. Soon it turned out to be more than that. Clow had known about Max and his goal of mastering magic.

Clow had no problem with it, however soon he saw that like Sue Young, Max wanted to use his magic for evil.
But unlike Sue Young, Max learned how to use magic so powerful that it should never be used."

Sakura: "What kind of magic is that, Kero?
Kero: "Well you see, Sakura ... remember when your brother gave his magic to Yue to save him? Well Max uses his power to steal the magic of anyone he beats in

battle, no matter how strong their magic is. Max and his followers had gone out to steal the magic of others and Hongkong was put into chaos that day.
You see - Max used a form of dark magic known as shadow magic. clow knew the day he would

battle Max would come to pass and clow knew that it was time,
so Clow informed us of what Max and his followers were up to: They had planned to destroy all of Hongkong. They used their magic to rebuild it in their
image for them to rule over, but first they were going to steal everyone's magic. So Clow

set out to stop Max. Me and Yue easily took down max Huntsmen,
but Max was far more powerful than any one we faced, so Clow and Max battled it out. In the end Clow casted a powerful spell, sealing Max away in another

realm, and unlike that one Sue Young was in, this one was far more powerful. The only way to be set free from that place is from outside.
Max said he would return one day to destoy all of Hongkong and all of Clow {

descendants}, but I never would have guessed he would try to make a comeback
now. Be on ground, Sakura! For anyone you don't know who uses magic - if you go anywhere take your star cards with you for you never know what may happen."

Sakura: "Wait! Hold on, Kero! There is something you're leaving out. Tell me what it is. How can Max be set free if you, Yue, Clow and Eli are the only

ones who know about him?"
Kero: "Well, Sakura ... Max may have casted a spell that worked long after he was sealed. Maybe that spell to find others helped him to be set free

that way. you need to Be ready for anything! Maybe you can try to make another new star card. Before I know you made the Bandage Card which you had originally intended for
medical purposes, but you can make one for finding those who keep their magic hidden.

Sakura: "But if I did that I would be tired. If they showed up I would be defenseless. You know I am still getting used to making my own cards myself.

My magic has to get stronger before I can make some powerful new star cards. Remember how tired I was when I first turned some clow cards into star cards?
Well, it would be just like that, but don't worry - I'll be ok, Kero!"

Soon Sakura hears a knock at the door.
"Coming!", she yelled.