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cardcaptors a new evil


CHAPTER 1: A blast from the past

This story takes place about 2 months after Sakura sealed away the forgotten 53 clow card and about 1 month after she had sealed away that very card she had gathered

and won in a contest, making her family rich. And so Sakura had her home remodeled into a mansion with 12 rooms - she had a pool, a hot tub, a training room
and a game room for Kero put in and now the story starts ...

?????: "Today is the day I've been waiting for ... I went through a lot of trouble to take this guy over ... I only have a limited time to use this body and I won't
let it go to waste ...

The next morning:

voice 1: "Soon everyone will be in darkness forever"
voice 2: "We've been looking for you Sakura and Shaoran - we came a long way"

Sakura: "Who are they? I can't seem to get a good look at them. I see their faces covered by shadows. What do they want? Why are you here? What do want with us?"

voice 3: "You're about to find out ..."
Kero: "Sakura! Wake up! Your alarm is going off!"

Sakura: "What?? Oh, it's you Kero - I am awake now."
Kero: "Sakura are you ok? Your face is all sweaty and you were talking in your sleep."

Sakura: "Kero, I had a dream, it may have been about the future ... I saw 3 people ... I was not able to see their faces through the shadows covering them,

but they had strong magic and they were after me and Shaoran. And it happened outside of my place, and I can't remember the rest, but something tells me that

something bad is going to happen soon - I need to call Shaoran!"
Kero: "I wonder who is after her. I mean she sealed all clow cards, then turned them into

star cards and then she sealed the hidden clow cards. I know there are some
out there with magic, but who would come after Sakura? I should ask Yue what he thinks of this.

Sakura: "Shaoran, it's me, Sakura. Can you come over and bring Meilin with you?"

Shaoran: "I am sure I can get Meilin to come with me. Did something happen, Sakura? You sound like you're worried about something. Can you tell me what it is?"

Sakura: "Well Shaoran, I had dreamed that something bad is going to happen. In my dream I saw that 2 poeple with strong magic are after us.

I dont know what they want. I can't remember the rest of the dream. I've already called Madison and asked her to come by, so that you two can get here right away."

Shaoran: "Ok Sakura, I will be there right away!"

One hour later - a knock at Sakura's door ...

Sakura: "It's got to be them coming. Shaoran, Meilin, Madison - you all made it here. Let's go upstairs to the 2nd floor."

Madison: "Wow! Sakura, your place looks so nice! {{things have ben going well for you lately? havent they first you finally told Shaoran how you feel then}}

{{You became rich month later I have to say I like what you have done with the place and who ever it is that,s after you you sharoan can put stop to them am sure if it}}

Sakura: "Thanks Madison! Now Meilin I would like to ask if you would train me to be a better fighter. You're really good at fighting, Meilin.

You did well when you fought with the fight card and when Shaoran fought the twin card so would you like to train me so can be ready for who it is that i may have to face?"

Meilin: "Ok Sakura, I will train you - so where do you want start your training?"
Sakura: "Right in this room - there the{romont} now I'll just push {buteen}

Shaoran: "Sakura, you changed the room like a dojo i hope Meilin's training will help you out."

Meilin: "Ok Sakura, we can start this fight just as soon as you remove your shoes and socks, I will be doing the same and I will let you do the first punch."

Sakura: "Ok Meilin, they're off now. Let's get this fight training started!"

Sakura hits Meilin in her face.

Meilin: "Not a bad punch, Sakura! However it's my turn now."
Meilin punches Sakura in her face then in her stomach.
Sakura grabs Meilin's arm, throws her to the ground, then kicks her in the face.

One hour later ...

Meilin: "Huff huff ... pant pant ... Sakura, you're looking just as tired as I am. What do you say, will we finish this one with one final punch?"
Sakura: "Huff huff ... pant pant ... ok Meilin, here i come!"

Sakura and Meilin punch each other in their stomachs.

Meilin: "Augh! Nice punch, Sakura!"

Meilin was holding her stomach after the punch.

Sakura: "Urk! You win, Meilin!"
Sakura spits and holds her stomach after falling to her knees.

Meilin: "Oh, I'm sorry Sakura! I punched too hard. I didn't mean to hit you that hard."
Sakura: "Ahhh, it's ok melin, you're the better fighter anyway. I know I was going to lose from the start, but I gave it my all."

Meilin: "You did a good job, Sakura! If we keep this up you may end up becoming a better fighter then me."
Shaoran: "Sakura, Meilin - good fight! You two did well."
Madison: "Nice job, Sakura and Meilin!"

Sakura: "Thanks! Oh, you taped the hole fight, Madison!"
Madison: "Yes, you know I filmed your best times as well when we were after the cards."

Sakura: "So how about I get us some ice cream? I will have kero to get some, too, or he will get mad at me."
Kero: "Your darn right! You need to get me some, Sakura!"
Kero grins.

Sakura: "Oh Kero, when did you come in? This is my fighting room!"
Kero: "I came in when the fight started, Sakura. You did well! Now about some of that ice cream ..."

Sakura: "I'll go to get us the ice cream now."
Everyone grins.

Sakura: "I am back with the ice cream, everyone!"
Shaoran: "By the way, Sakura, I don't see your brother here."

Sakura.: "Oh, he's out shopping - he should be back anytime now."
Kero: "Sakura, do you think you can get Yue to come by? We need to talk."

Sakura: "Ya I can do that."

One hour later ...

Sakura: "Oh Yue, you're finally here! Kero has been waiting for you."
Kero: "Yue, Sakura had a dream about the future. She said someone is after her, but she can't remember what they want. Who do you think they are?"

Yue: "I am not sure whoever wants something from Sakura."
Kero: "Hey Yue, you don't think it's him, do you?"

Yue: "There is no way it's him! He was gone for a long time, besides I didn't see him anywhere. I've seen some with evil magic lately, but for sure it's not him.
Therefore the magic is too weak."

voice 2: "Sakura's windows are open ... sounds like she has gotten some friends over."
voice 1: "We will come back later then ..."

Sakura: "Madison, Shaoran, Meilin ... I would like the 3 of you to stay at my place tonight. It's getting late, it will be a lot of fun if you all stay over."

Madison: "Sure Sakura, I'll stay over."
Meilin: "I will stay over to then."

Shaoran: "Ok Sakura, I can stay."
Sakura: "Just let me ask Dad. I am sure he will be ok with it."
"Hello Dad, can I have Madison, Meilina and Shaoran stay over tonight?"

Fujitaka: "Sure, you can have your friends stay tonight, Sakura."
Sakura : "Thanks, Dad!"
Fujitaka: "I should be home in about half an hour, Sakura."
Sakura: "K Dad, see you then." "Dad said yes, so why don't we go for a dip in the hot tub?"

After that we watch Madison's movie of my days as a cardcaptor, then we go to bed after that. Tomorrow morning we can go swimming in my pool."
Shaoran: "Good idea, Sakura."

Madison: "It will be a lot of fun this fist time the three of us stay over together."
Meilin: "You can say that this will be a fun night."

One hour later ...

Sakura: "Now let's go ahead and watch the movie!"

2 hours later ...

Sakura: "Well it's getting late. What do you say, should we go to bed?" Good night Shaoran, Madison, Meilin."

Madison: "Night Sakura, Li, Meilin."
Shaoran: "Night Sakura, Madison, Meilin."
Melin: "Night Sakura, Shaoran, Madison."