the time machine

Loose Ends

There are 8 loose ends in this story.

Choice ID Choice Room ID
133989 stay stood there hoping the aliens dont kill you 67648
133990 run to a nearby shop and take cover in there hoping they dont zap the building 67648
133992 go over to them with a nasty attitude and tell them you will blow there heads off if they dont tell you where you are 67649
133993 go past the park and try and find a shop so they can tell you where you are 67649
134000 you punch one of them in the face hoping that the guns are fake 67652
134006 please dont shoot me you can take everything i have in my pocket 67654
134009 yeah ok im sorry i was talking to you in a bad way 67656
134026 i am from england what land is this 67670