Infinite Cheesecake

Loose Ends

There are 95 loose ends in this story.

Choice ID Choice Room ID
122298 Slap him 61704
122299 Daydream about Jonny 61704
122300 Give him the web address for 61704
122308 Thom awkwardly fidgets and changes the subject 61706
122309 Thom goes into great detail 61706
122311 Was helping an old lady with her groceries 61707
122313 Met this really hot bird on my street and lost track of time 61707
122314 Got stoned and forgot 61707
122317 The pub 61708
122318 The internet 61708
122319 nah, can't be bothered, lets just go and meet the rest of the band 61708
122320 Laughs heartily at Ed and Colins misfortune 61709
122321 Takes a quick look at his own genitals when he thinks Phil isn't looking, just in case 61709
122322 Catches sight of his own reflection in Phil's shiny head and starts making faces at it 61709
122323 Wonders when Ed will realise he's switched his syphillis medication with tictacs, feels slightly guilty 61709
122324 Blames it on the government 61709
122327 "He isn't still going with that...Mary-Lou or Mary-Sue or Jamie or whatever her name is, is he? 61713
122390 Pushes Phil back, which ends up in a rather voilent fist fight whcih culminates in both of them having to go to casualty 61752
122391 Give in to peer pressure and immediately start eating meat 61752
122392 Says nothing, but immediately plans to train an army of squirrels to get his revenge on Phil 61752
122393 Idly wonders if blowjobs count as eating meat, gets distracted 61752
122401 Cry tears of the purest joy at the thought that he may have found a bald soulmate 61759
122402 Feels threatened. He's the only bald guy in the group, it's what makes him special 61759
122403 Wonder whether Stan is really bald or is just a shaved head bandwagon jumper. God he hates those guys 61759
122404 Gives some Zen words of wisdom 61759
122405 Begins plotting to travel through time to the future in order to find a cure for bald. 61759
122406 Hug again! 61760
122408 Go busking 61760
122680 Grabs Jonny's hand and pulls him behind a bush, leaving Phil sitting there bemused 61886
122681 Ignores Jonny, after all he is just his friends geeky little brother 61886
122682 Makes a series of sleazy comments about Jonny, along the lines of "My my haven't you grown", mostly said whilst looking at Jonny's crotch 61886
122683 Spots the guitar in Jonny's hand, tells him to piss off. He'll play harmonica and like it dammit! 61886
122727 break the news to Colin. 61907
122728 get a blow job in the bathroom before breaking the news to Colin. 61907
122730 have something mailed to Colin later. 61908
122747 head straight to Jonny's. 61916
122748 stop by the store for supplies first. 61916
123407 "Oh, you know I am Cozzie...I hope you remembered the pantyhose and oranges?" 62235
123408 "Er..." 62235
123409 "Oh good, you remembered that little thing I lock my bike with. You're always so thoughful, Colin!" 62235
130987 The train leaves, leaving poor Colin alone. 65877
130988 Securities come to stop Colin. 65877
132307 "Ah.. bad luck with women. I guess we're just going to have to make do, eh?" says Phil, staring at Thom's lips pointedly and polishing his head with cologne. 66686
148300 ... pretend he didn't notice anything 75203
148301 ... burst into tears telling Nigel that nobody of his so-called friends had picked him up 75203
148302 ... asking Nigel where the next cheap Motel was and if Nigel was married 75203
148303 he is really nervous and tries to keep both eyes open and make them look symmetric... 75204
148304 he is so desperate about his looks that he starts crying like a teenager ,,, 75204
148305 he throughs the spoon at jonny hoping to hit his left eye... 75204
148306 he takes a fock to make his right eye look the same way as his left eye... 75204
148307 he puts his hands on his face mumbling "don't look at me, I am a monster,,,, uuaahhh!"... 75204
148309 they record thom's odd behaviour on Jonny's cell phone to post it on 75205
148310 They tell the little man he had enough for today. They carry him to the bands rehearsing room and lay him on a couch. 75205
148313 Oh yes, that is no problem, we are friends (oh, no,.... that means I have to hide the cans of red beans) 75206
148314 erm..... (oh my god, I always waited for that moment!!!) 75206
148315 He starts to sweat and shiver and speaks before thinking: "But not without a rubber johnny!" 75206
148316 Er.... yes but my tent is broken, too. Maybe we can sleep under the stars..... (naked) 75206
148317 No Thom I am sorry the second place in my tent is for my guitar (my baby!) 75206
148318 ... he stares at thom for a view minutes then turns around and goes away a single tear running down his chest 75207
148319 He is telling thoms name louder and louder until he is screaming at full output. The police comes and arrests the strange man. 75207
148320 After being ignored for minutes colin gets angry and kicks between thom's legs 75207
148321 colin starts to beg "but thom, what's wrong? Have you forgotten what I had done for you? Thom please? What's wrong?" 75207
148322 Colin decides to llie on the ground until someone recognises him..... 75207
148323 Thom "don't lie to me! I know that you have no driving license" 75208
148324 Thom "you should have taken the bike, that would have been faster and better for our climate!" 75208
148325 Thom "you don't love me anymore!" 75208
148326 Thom "is there somebody else? you better tell me before I get the news from Phil!" 75208
148327 Thom :"you are so mean! Johnny would have respected my decision" 75209
148328 Thom lets Phil take him in his arms and stroke his brown hair 75209
148329 Thom takes Phil's tuna sandwitch and smashes it onto his bold head. 75209
148330 Bursting with tears thom screams "Now I don't want to picnic with you anymore" and runs away 75209
148340 Thom gets angry about himself for not having written down the phone numbers of the two guys from modeselektor. 75218
148341 Thom sighs and diles Bono's number. 75218
148342 Thom smiles and exitedly calls Michael while whispering "please pick up, please please pick up!" 75218
148343 Thom is tired of hanging around with the same people all the time. He decides to go and look for an English Pub. 75218
148344 He is relieved and gets inside the car. 75219
148345 He suddenly remembers he is terribly frightened of cars. 75219
148346 He shyly smiles at Rachel and wants to say 'hello' but instead he only brings out some indefinable noise "hmbubbl pfff gssbbble" 75219
148347 Jonny has met a sympatic young man from Ireland and fell in love with him. 75220
148348 Jonny said that he hates Thom's voice and that Thom is a miserable musician. 75220
148349 Jonny is pregnant. 75220
148350 Jonny sold all of Thom's LPs and guitars. 75220
148351 Jonny was lethargic for days because he missed Thom so much. He couldn't even play guitar, or violin, or ondes martenot, or piano... He was just sitting in his dark room for months. 75220
148352 Well, Phil, don't you know that she's in love with Peter Gabriel? 75221
148353 Yeah, what you're waiting for. Let's go and get things packed. 75221
148354 Ireland is a good idea. But you have to go alone. I can't join you, Radiohead has a gig tomorrow. 75221
148355 Telling Phil that he has fallen in love with an egg. 75222
148356 Encouraging Phil to talk to 'her' while trying not to laugh out loud. 75222
148357 'yes, er..... she is very very beautiful. You should ..... talk to her' 75222
148358 Thom remembers the time when he was paramedic of a mental hospital. He calls his old collegues to get him a strait jacket. 75222
155221 He really likes it 78969
155222 Michael Stipe is watching from the bushes 78969
155223 He's missed his bus 78969
155224 Colin has two tongues 78969
155225 Colin is Michael Stipe 78969