Infinite Cheesecake

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This is ok
by Lackofmop on Jun 30, 2013
by Zac6251 on Apr 26, 2010
Pretty gay.
by Storywriter on Nov 4, 2009
I haven't gone past the first page so I won't rate this story yet. You've given us four names, and asked us to take a pick. How can we make an intelligent decision if we don't know what to base our decisions on? The readers don't know anything about these characters. Will it be a matter of dumb luck then? CYOA readers, I assume, enjoy having to think things through before making a decision. I suppose it'll be better if you give us a little background on these four stooges before you ask us to pick who to date, or whatever.
by Alejate on Jun 11, 2008
Good work... I need some cheesecake!
by Leblanc4prez on Apr 28, 2008

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