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1. I'm the same Alejate from CYS. If you don't recognize me, that's perfectly alright; my account was only 3 days old when I left it, and I have yet to publish my first CYS story. All of my storygames will now be published in Infinite-Story. Unless I decide to leave again, that is. Pretty indecisive of me^^

2. I left CYS because I don't want to risk getting my precious pornographic stories deleted (forgot to read the fine print). It happened to me once in; I don't want it to happen again.

3. My avatar may be Josh Groban, but I am NOT Josh Groban. I am merely a crazy Grobanite who managed to find her way to this web archive. Josh Groban happens to be my all-time favorite famous person; however, whatever I do in my life, offline or otherwise, is not his responsibility. PLEASE don't pin the blame on him if I mess up (and I will definitely mess up A LOT, be warned).

4. If you are a Grobanite, raise your hand! I'm always happy to learn about fellow Grobanites in places other than his fan sites and forums.

5. I'm currently in a very happy relationship so I'm not open to hooking up with ANYBODY.

6. I'm often very busy in my real life. I may not be updating stories very often... but I do read a lot! And I like giving ratings and comments too.

Always find a reason to be happy. Life is too short to waste on sulking.