Slaughter Gulch

Loose Ends

There are 15 loose ends in this story.

Choice ID Choice Room ID
88161 Wrestle the sheriff's gun away. 44032
88165 Stare him down silently. 44035
88171 Ask the bartender where he hides the whores. 44038
88242 Finish your drink and pour another. 44070
88243 Ask the bartender where he hides the whores. 44070
88245 Ignore it. Hey, you can always buy another. 44071
88247 Not your problem. Go back to your Wild Turkey. 44072
88249 See about a room and maybe a girl for the night. 44073
88250 Tell Malcolm no. You aren't interested in dying just yet. 44074
89286 Nod, but sneak to the jailhouse and warn the sheriff. 44669
89287 Narrow your eyes. "Lookin' for a place to sleep. You got a problem with that?" 44670
89290 Shake your head. Fifty dollars!? Settle for an empty room instead. 44671
89291 a 44672
90136 Pop up and shoot. 45177
90140 Finish off the rest. 45180