Behind the Shield: Bomb Squad

Loose Ends

There are 10 loose ends in this story.

Choice ID Choice Room ID
41980 It could wait, besides there looks to be something important in a folder you just found 19962
41982 It can wait besides you just found an important memo in a yellow folder 19963
41993 Head over to the supply room and get your gear ready and wait for Tony 19971
42152 Wake up and go to work 20065
42375 You both go look in the Computer room 20194
42389 Time to quit drinking and head home tomorrow is a long day 20200
42390 Have Tony go talk with her 20200
42393 Once again, you are a police officer, you have to act responsible on and off duty, don't do it. Go home drink some coffee you have a job to do in the morning! 20202
42431 Go see what's wrong 20231
42432 Use your police radio to talk to Smith 20231