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dinner by popem Jan 24, 2011
very bad, random, doesn't make sense, and stupid (also kind of violent for a not rated story)
weird story by lame May 30, 2010
This story is weird...
Aw, I wanted to read the story. However, you do get a 5 for putting that taco picture in the story. Nice try, though! :)
This is one of the best romance stories on this website. Keep up the good work!
barney kill by DSDude999 May 15, 2010
First, let's start you off with a 10.
-6 for horrible grammar.
-4 for very little humor.
+3 for killing Dora.
There are about four reasons why I gave you a 1.
1. It makes no sense.
2. You spelled "sense" wrong.
3. Calling people "niggers" is not cool.
4. Your grammar sucks.
Have fun making other sucky stories for all eternity.
Your Weird Life by coolguy May 14, 2010
Very cool story and hard to forget. I just wish it was finished!
LOL lyk whatevz by divinehyper May 11, 2010
I still gotta say, this a very funny and cool story. It's one of my favorites. Sorry I gave you a 2, should've given you an 8, but we all make mistakes sometime, you know. I hope you keeping making awesome and spectacular stories like this one! Happy Hunting! (I have no idea what I just said). Anyway, later peoples! :)
This is the #1 story of all time.
Very good, actually. Not bad. It's very easy to understand and has a lot of humor with a bunch of creativity. Keep on rockin' new stories! :)
You're right. This is the worst story ever.
Not so great.
Blind Date by Lucid Nov 25, 2009
This is the funniest story on Infinite-Story I ever read!
Adventure omfg by strongbad Nov 25, 2009
This story is not OMFG. It's retarded.
The Wizard by nodnarB Nov 9, 2009
Not bad for a newbie. Just try to level up and make better stories.
Wow! So adventurous!
One of my favorite stories on this website!
What the hell?! What kind of story is this when you only have one choice every room? I mean, c'mon, just because this is a rated G story, doesn't mean it has to be super easy. Next time, make a less crappier rated G story and a lot harder.
Hiei Part 2 by Venus2352 Aug 5, 2009
Great job on the romance and sex part, but I think donteatpoop is right, you should have seperate paragraphs.
This a very funny story. Good job! And by the way, when it says "quest to find your sister", why did you make your sister die? What's up with that? It's still hilarious! I love it.
My New Bike by jlsterrett Aug 1, 2009
It is a good story. Also, why the freakin' hell did donteatpoop and CheleTeleTubby freakin' write like that in a rated G story.
Bob's Life by findluke Jul 25, 2009
When does that happen to babies?! I still love it. Great job, findluke.
NM by piano Jul 24, 2009
This is filled with trash so all the rooms are gone. Nice one, making it deleted, good choice. I hate it. I would've rated it higher if the story wasn't deleted.
The story is not even funny and it doesn't make any sense. Nice try, though, but I still hate it.
Booty Call by hungo Jul 22, 2009
So damn inapproite for a rated G story. Cool, great job, awseome, I love it. It sounds like you need a new life. Enjoy living like Jake and I hope your next story a little less crappier.
QUIZ Demo by Shabti Jul 21, 2009
A great, educational quiz for all ages! Nice work Shabti. Study hard, people, study hard...
LOL lyk whatevz by divinehyper Dec 25, 2008
You need to use grammer like "are" and "you" and other points and stuff. I liked the pictures though but your grammar was so bad I had to give it a 2.
the time machine by richardjacks Nov 28, 2008
Richardjacks, you need to work on capalitizing, periods, question marks, exclamtion points, quotes,hyphens, and aposerothe.

Mext time, if you make another story like what I said, I'll rate it higher.
You're story is horrible and suckish, you better watch your language and dirty mouth by saying the "f.u" word Cal1174. If you send me a vulgar and hateful message, I'll tell my mom. By the way, I hope jeffisthebest and apotheosis hate your story too.
The Terrible Story by Calen Oct 12, 2008
This story sucks. I hate it! I wish you were dead!
You shzould not say STFU Bitch on a rated G story, you should be ashamed of yourself, it really sucks, and you just want to poison the minds of children.
Heaven Or Hell by Jdog Oct 11, 2008
Your story really sucks. It is highly inapproite, idiotic, I hate it. Your my least favorite member online. If you want to write stories or go to prison, choose prison, you'll have more fun in jail than writing stories like "The Suckish Hell Story."

I even wished you never became a member on this website, and I'm a girl so don't try to murder me you ass!
I love the story! It it so awsewome, it's dramatic, survial skills, and perserverance! I give it 4 stars!
Awseome possum Yanni!