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NEWS: Regarding my "Zombie Apocalypse" Story.

Hello everyone! Have you enjoyed my Zombie story? The amount of views my story has gotten in this short time span is remarkable, and I'd like other people to help me!

I haven't updated the story in a while, and I know that a lot of you guys would like me to finish it.

What I want you to do is go to the comments section (of this story, not the other one) and I want you to tell me TWO THINGS:

(1) Your favorite aspect of the Zombie Apocalypse story. Something I should continue to do, and do more of.

(2) Somethings I should work on, or do less of. Anything you might not like about the story.

Every comment will be considered! Also, please give me any of your ideas about what should happen for the remaining days in the zombie apocalypse story.

If I do use any of your ideas, I will put your name on the room so people know it was your idea.

Again, thank you everyone!

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