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Zombie Apocalypse.

(This is the intro. I advise you read it, but don't feel obligated to.)


I have no idea who you are or how you found this, but I do know that, whoever you are, you are looking for a high quality zombie survival interactive story. I have done my share of surfing the web, searching for the perfect zombie apocalypse role-playing tale, as you likely have, but was horrified to discover the deadly secret behind all of them... They all suck.

I came across one zombie story... I had the choice between running out the door, INTO THE OPEN, WHERE HORDES OF ZOMBIES ARE MOST LIKELY TO SEE ME, or I could use my brain and barricade myself into the house, protected against zombie invasions with a safe haven, just like "Night of The Living Dead".

I barricaded the house... And apparently I starved to death. Yeah... f**k you too.

I just want to clarify that this is going to be different. There isn't going to be an "absolute right" or an "absolute wrong" answer that so many of these writers use. I frequently play out the stories on this site and DIE because of a single decision that I had made in the story, no matter how logical I thought the decision was.

This interactive story will give you choices that aren't straight black and white, but rather, each and every decision that you make will have both a POSITIVE effect on one aspect of the scenario and a NEGATIVE effect as well.

I promise not to kill you abruptly, as so many writers on this site do.

Well, without any further ado, welcome to Zombie Apocalypse.

You have 1 choice: